Chasing Cars

Chasing Cars

Watching kids chase cars running trying to beat the cars imagining as if they were in a race

with the cars having so much fun running chasing after the cars so fun especially in the summer oh how kids love to be out side once they see a car they start to run after it in happiness and joy.





Thoughts Of You

Thoughts Of You

Oh the thoughts of you how i enjoy the sweet flashbacks

oh how i think of you everyday before i sleep and dream of you

the beautiful thought of you just makes me tingle inside

the sound of your beautiful voice from the beautiful morning voice to the sleepy

wonder of your voice oh how i love the bitter sweet moment when

you walk on past me and say hello and yes you can call it love but i will

still love the beautiful thoughts of you today and forever thoughts

of you are wonderful oh how i love them dearly


What you think you create

What you feel you attract

What you imagine you become

And what you become is your beauty

And your beauty is YOU…

so dont ever take in hurtful words from a man

be a princess and lift up your head before your crown falls and shatters your

only good memories

be confident therefore your prince charming is on his way

so dont be afraid of what other people might say

be strong therefore youll stay for your one true true love will

one day yet to come so be patient and strong remember you’ll always be loved

by your one true true loved he will come one day so just stay

he may not come with his noble steed but i promise he’ll 0ne day come

so be confident in your self your are a beauty some

one girl is very envyous of you so you always just have to be YOU!

Your Kisses


Your kisses are beautiful

the best i can ever get

they are unforgetable

your just the best yet

i would’nt know what to do with out you

your the most thoughtful person i can ever meet

and these memories are what keep US closer than glue

and you are my love warm sheet

its just a beautiful thought of you that makes you,you

the warm kisses goodbye yet i dont want to say goodbye

yet i want to hold you closer to my heart then ever

but the hurtful moment of goodbye oh how i hate the goodbyes

but as long as i know im in your heart ill love you more then ever…



imagine all the people living life in peace this day will come where you can live with your famliy once again where you can live the life youve always dreamed of where you can swim with the animals.where there will be no wars  no fights no baddness around the world no hearts that are broken where every one will be forgived no frights no alone nights no more screams no more falling no more sickness or illnesses .no wondering about something bad gonna  happen to you or your family or your loved ones or friends no more dieing or crying about something bad or sad but tears of joy or happyness no more just no more no asking if bad will come no more running away or hidding not having to break down into pices just seeing roses bloom and seeing skies of blue and clouds of white seeing gardens grow and seeing people helping one another waching cildren play and having fun with their family  and thinking to your self what a wonderful world waching movies together waching friends shaking hands their really saying i love you.not needind to forget not getting closer to the edge  being  abble to live being able to rome free no more worrying or seeing woried faces just seeing happy ones not saying this is war no more regreting ridding horses and dolpins and all the animals you can think of

 imagine with all your mind belive with all your heart and achive with all your might